Beautiful 24kt Gold Plated Statues from our new collection "Artisanat D'or". Delicately crafted with excellent features and precise finish, these idols, of lord of intellect and wisdom, are apt gift for all occasions.
  • gold plated ganesha

    Gold Plated Ganesha For Car

    Very elegant 24kt Gold Plated Ganesha Idol in sitting position for placing in your car to make all your journeys successful with his blessings every morning.

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  • gold plated god idols & statues

    Gold Coated Ganesha Idol

    Bring prosperity and happiness to your living space with this Attractive 24kt Gold Plated Siddivinayak Ganesha Idol.

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  • gold plated ganesha idol

    Gold Plated Ganesha Statue

    Beautiful Ganesha idol in 24kt Pure Gold Plated Finish. Perfect to keep in your home temple and office.

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  • pure gold plated ganesha statue

    Gold Plated Ganesha

    Designer Statue of 24kt Gold Plated Ganesha with his companion cute & little mushak. Midas touch is adding grace to this eye-candy model.

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  • 24 kt gold plated ganesha idol

    24kt Gold Plated Ganesha

    Ladoo Ganesha is very famous posture of Ganesha since time immemorial. Plated with 24kt Pure Gold, this idol looks very elegant and divine.

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  • 24kt gold coated ganesha statues

    24kt Gold Plated Ganesha Statue

    With lot of carvings and delicate hand work, this 24kt Gold Plated Lal Bag Ganesha is a tribute to our Indian artisan fraternity & made for those who look for exquisite Indian Artwork.

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  • 999 gold plated ganesha idols

    999 Gold coated Ganesha Statue

    Out of many different forms, Lalbaug Ganesha is considered to be very lucky and auspicious as it portrays Remover of Obstacles & a very Happy and Joyous mood. Perfect to keep in homes & offices.

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