1. Why should I buy from VACCHI?

    VACCHI offers wide range of designs suitable for all occasions. Each completely hand crafted design is story in itself guaranteeing high-finish and purity.

  2. Where can I buy VACCHI Products? / How to ask a query related to any product?

    Please call customer care numbers, email us or fill the query form on contact us page. We will get back to you at the earliest.

  3. What is the purity of VACCHI Products?

    • Gold used in polki and kundan jewellery is 22kt.
    • Gold used in diamond jewellery is 18kt or 14kt.
    • Silver used in Silver products is 92.5% pure conforming to international standards.
    • Silver plated products have pure silver plating.
  4. How can I ensure authenticity of product that I am buying?

    Please check the stamp of 22kt/18kt/ 14kt on Jewellery and 92.5 on Silver products.

  5. How much tax I have to pay when buying?

    1% VAT for Jewellery and Silver and 12.5% VAT for Silver Plated products.

  6. How buying experience at VACCHI is different?

    On request, we do send products at customer’s place for convenience but final decision will
    be taken by sales team. Product is packed in well fitted cushion box covered with presentable decorative material which gives feeling of elegance.

  7. How can I personalize my VACCHI product?

    You can personalize by getting name or logo engraved or etched on the product. Extra cost will be charged according to nature of text or design. Decision that product will be engraved or etched will depend on product surface and can only be decided by manufacturing team.

  8. Can VACCHI make a design that is in my mind?

    We provide service of customization. The design team works on the inputs given by customer
    and gives their advice to improve it if required and approx cost of it. It must be understood that changes can happen at the time of manufacturing as each product is hand-crafted.

  9. What if I have to send the product to different city/country?

    International courier service is also provided at the nominal extra cost.

  10. Does VACCHI silver turn black with time?

    Silver tarnishes due to Oxidants and sulpher compound present in environment. VACCHI Silver has been uniquely treated so it doesn’t tarnish for long time.

  11. How should I take care of my silver?

    You can easily take care of them by cleaning with silver cleaning solutions like Silvo and rubbing them softly. Vigorous rubbing or using detergents can cause scratches on surface of silver hence reducing the luster.